About Us

Church History

The Church of the Open Door was founded in 1951 by a group of believers whose goal was to establish a church in our community with strong biblical principles and teaching. This group personally sacrificed to see that the Lord Jesus Christ was proclaimed locally and throughout the world. Seven pastors have led this local congregation over the years and God has seen fit to bless their efforts with growth both numerically and spiritually. From our inception until today, COD has been centered on sound biblical teaching, local and world evangelization, and the encouragement of the entire family to serve Christ with all their hearts. COD functions with a Spirit powered, Elder led, and lay driven ministry where all major decisions must be approved by the membership of the church.

Several land acquisitions and building programs have brought our facilities to their present status.

We are thankful for our heritage and believe that the best days are yet to come for Church of the Open Door.