Core Values

1. We value the Word of God…therefore we will preach it, teach it and live it to the best of our ability. We will be a Biblically based ministry.

2. We value the priority and practice of prayer…therefore we will be passionate about seeking God’s presence as a major part of our strategy in accomplishing God’s work, expressing dependence upon God’s mighty    power in our lives and ministry.

3. We value people…therefore we will be committed to the uncommitted, passionately reaching out with the love and gospel of God to our city and the world. We will also pursue love in our interactions with each other.

4. We value excellence and relevance…therefore we will be flexible and open to changing our methodology, and will pursue optimum quality, in order to apply God’s truth to the contemporary problems people face.

5. We value the family…therefore we will provide specific opportunities to strengthen marriages, homes and individuals.

6. We value growth and change in a believer’s life…therefore we will challenge every believer to grow and change into conformity to Jesus Christ, by pursuing worship, study, fellowship, prayer and ministry.

7. We value wise stewardship…therefore we will teach generous, cheerful giving and practice wise management of our resources and facilities.

8. We value ministry and service…therefore we will help people understand their spiritual gifts and find their place on God’s team of servants.